Success On So Many Levels!!

During an overnight rainstorm a large cottonwood tree fell across a swiftly flowing ditch in Fallon. The next morning a passing bicyclist noticed a injured hawk on the downed tree and notified Department of Wildlife. The responding biologist while cautiously balancing across the tree over the still flowing ditch, retrieved a Swainson’s Hawk.  At first glance a rotated fracture of the wrist seemed to be the injury.  Yes, on a bird it’s called a wrist!  Examined later by Evelyn at DVWR, her trained eye determined there was no fracture but the wing had twisted at the wrist and caught back over the elbow, and yes, it’s called an elbow!  Evelyn expertly manipulated the wing back into place.   After a few days of flight exercise and care at DVWR, the bird was released at the same place in Fallon.  The hawk quickly flew to a nearby cottonwood where a second Swainson’s Hawk suddenly emerged.  The two then circled high in the air and exchanged social calls.  Because they are believed to be a mated pair, it was fortunate the two reunited so quickly during this incubating and hatching season.  A wonderful success story in the bird rehabbing world!!

Please consider sending a donation to Dayton Valley Wildlife Reststop for the ongoing care of Nevada’s wildlife.

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