Evelyn Pickles is licensed by Nevada Department of Wildlife for the rehabilitation of injured or orphaned birds and mammals and also has a federal permit for bird rehabilitation from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Evelyn has met this high standard of licensed care for the past 30 years.  She has worked with all species of birds including songbirds, water birds and raptors.

Trained as a wildlife care volunteer through Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Inc., Evelyn also worked at the LTWC facility for three years and established the Dayton Valley Wildlife Reststop in 1998.  Evelyn’s participation in continuing education classes, and networking with other wildlife rehabilitators,  always ensures appropriate and quality care.  Rehabilitation included providing the injured or orphaned birds and mammals with nursing,  feeding, housing, and eventually release into the wild.

Dr. Lesli A. Hewitt-Spears, from Quail Ridge Animal Hospital provides veterinary care for Dayton Valley Wildlife Reststop.   Dayton Valley Wildlife Reststop is not open to the public.  Volunteers assisting Evelyn also receive the annual training as a wildlife care volunteers provided by Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.