Recovery & Release at DVWR

An open neck wound on the grebe is healing nicely.

Before flight, the hawk chatted with Evelyn.

A second hawk on release landed  on truck roof to survey the area before taking flight .

A Great Horned Owl is recovering  from                  being caught on barbed-wire fence.

Back in the water after a painful situation.

One of the many first aid procedures recently at DVWR included Evelyn skillfully removing a fishhook caught in the throat of a cormorant.  A release was then in order.  Evelyn kept the beak secure at waters edge as they can quickly defensively jab with their beak.  The cormorant was returned to its habitat and happily took to the water.

Baby Great Horned Owl

Spring brings new life to DVWR.

Photo of rescued baby Great Horned Owl

at just a few days old and then 10 days later

looking well-fed and growing!


The mighty takes flight.

After a very specialized treatment plan, the eagle recovered and was transported

for release.   The eagle flew to a large cottonwood tree looked around for about twenty minutes

then took off for parts unknown.


Release season…

After months of constant care they successfully took their leave.

Baby in the house.

This baby hawk is receiving care at DVWR. Growing strong day by day.

From the Big to the Very Small

Injured in a collision with a semi-truck  this Golden Eagle appears to be making a good comeback.

Great horned owl babies are growing fast  and although not readily seen in the image a young hummingbird is the

smallest guest at DVWR.


A baby and way more babies…

A Great Horned Owl baby is at DVWR along with some very young jackrabbits.

All are doing well.

High wind survivor

This baby Great Horned Owl is recovering at DVWR after being blown out of the

nest during a storm and sustaining an eye injury.  Prognosis very good!

It’s Getting Busy……

The release of a Great Horned Owl and Red-tailed Hawk have kicked off the season.  New arrivals included  a Screech Owl & Golden Eagle and a rabbit  all are receiving the best care.